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JSIA has been working for betterment of its member enterprises since last several years. It is one of the premier association representing MSMEs and its performance and contribution is recognized by both state and the central government. Our activities have increased several folds over years. We have been successful in serving as a critical link between the enterprises, government and others responsible for framework conditions in the economic environment.

JSIA has entered into a partnership with MSME INNO- a bilateral programme jointly implemented by GIZ & the Ministry of MSME, Government of India. This programme aims to strengthen the the innovation ecosystem in which the MSMEs operate by strengthening cooperation between industry academia, government and other stakeholders.


JSIA realises the challenges faced by most of the enterprises- be it the use of outdated technology or constraints in accessing markets or the infrastructure bottlenecks. Majority of the SMEs are at the low end of technology curve and lacks the skills to define their technology problems and thus finds it extremely difficult to access appropriate modern technologies. Owing to their small size, they can’t invest in in-house R&D and depend heavily on the equipment suppliers and technical consultants. Most of the SMEs are not sufficiently geared to use Information Technology for information access, manufacturing, efficient supply-chain communication and marketing of products and services in the global markets. These factors lead to weak innovation capacity of enterprises.


To address the challenges faced by its member MSMEs and to harness the innovation potential of its members JSIA has set up a dedicated unit-Innovation Facilitation Cell to support its members to be innovative and sustainable.


The overall objective of the Innovation Facilitation Cell is to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in which the MSMEs operate; by

  • fostering cooperation between industry, academia, government & other stakeholders (buyers, government, banks etc) for promoting Innovation
  • Introducing MSMEs to Innovation practices & helping them develop system of Innovation.
  • Developing & offering ‘innovation assistance services‘ for MSMEs
  • Supporting ‘pilot’ innovation projects to demonstrate innovative solutions for common problems through cooperation between SMEs and academic institutes.
  • Improving the innovation management capacity and sustainability of MSMEs.

Services Offered

The services offered by the Innovation Facilitation Cell will focus on introducing enterprises to Innovation practices & helping them develop system of Innovation by bringing together Industry and Academia (academic, R&D institutes; technical experts etc). The host of services that will be delivered by the cell will include:




For Details Contact:

Mr. Neeraj Kumar
Innovation Facilitation Cell
Jharkhand Small Industries Associations( JSIA)
Udyog Bhavan, Kokar Industrial Area, Kokar,
Ranchi, Jharkhand – 834002
Phone: +6512543429
Email :  jsiaranchi2009@gmail.com

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