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Deliberation of Elected President of JSIA, Anjay Pacheriwala during the AGM on 20th August 2023

Our Association achieves a Grand Milestone of 61 Years. JSIA is the only State Level Association duly accredited by NABET is whole eastern India. My regards to Seniors and Past Presidents for their untiring contribution for the achievement from scratch to a State Level body well recognized both at State and Center. Our members, who are the pillars of our Association, too, have been source of strength in this journey of sixty years.

I thank our members who have shown their confidence by handing over the baton of this Association to me. I am sure with support and contribution of one and all, my team would strive to take this Association further working for the benefit of members and society at large.

World is in the transition from economic slow down and we MSMEs have immense opportunity to grow and progress Nationally & Globally. It is the time for all of us to get united together, support each other, so that all of us grow and get strong.

We, MSMEs in Jharkhand, face issue about availability of quality power, land, pollution clearance, finance and lack of support for Govt. This has been matter of our concerns for many decades. Though the economic data reveals that MSMEs’ are back bone of our Economy, being highest employment provider, contributing 30% to GDP, 50% of Exports and 35% of total manufacturing output of the Country but in Jharkhand we lack to compete this statistics.

I welcome feedback from our members regarding priorities and focus areas, which they expect JSIA to concentrate upon. It is not necessary that such suggestions requires your personal influence or presence, even your whats-app or email to the association would be sufficient enough for taking up the issue at appropriate level and therefore our utmost priority would be involve all the members in the activities of JSIA. I would request our members to actively share their views and suggestion. This will strengthen our Association.

We have with us our Secretary (Industries) Shri Jitendra Kumar Singh, आपका JSIA में स्वगत हे |

इनके साथ मुझे काम करने का काफी मौका मिला है। MSEFC में इनकी अभिरूचि एवं सहयोग से अनेक MSME लाभान्वित हुए है एवं उनको बकाया राशि प्राप्त करने में मदद मिला है। हम दिल से आपका आभार व्यक्त करते हैं तथा आशा करते हैं कि आपका सहयोग एवं मार्गदर्शन हमें निरंतर प्राप्त होता रहेगा। हमारे कुछ सुझाव हैं-

  • 1. Single Window को प्रभावी बनाने से MSME की कई परेशानी स्वतः कम हो जाएगी। वर्तमान व्यवस्था में बिजली का Connection, Pollution Deptt से CTO /CTE, Factory License Subsidy application का ससमय निष्पादन नही हो पा रहा है।
  • 2. Single Window Clearance Committee में MSME का representation और अन्य संस्थानों की सहभागिता सुनिश्चित रहे।
  • 3. राज्य में राजधानी के 100 KM के दायरे में जमीन अधिगृहित कर नया औद्योगिक क्षेत्र बनाने की दिशा में पहल करना चाहिए।
  • 4. आपके सहयोग एवं मार्गदर्शन से राज्य में MSME का विकास हो एवं देश के अग्रीम राज्य के श्रेणी में अपनी पहचान बने ऐसी हमारी अपेक्षा है।

नये उद्यमी को प्रोत्साहन हेतु JSIA BIT के साथ वार्षिक कार्यक्रम का आयोजन करता है एवं अच्छे Business idea को प्रोत्साहित करता है। पूर्व में भी सफल आयोजन हुए है एवं JSIA सदैव ही नये उद्यमियों को प्रोत्साहित करने एवं उद्योग संचालन में पूरा सहयोग देने के लिए सदैव तैयार रहता है। अनुरोध है नये युवाओं से, कि ये आगे आये और हम पूर्ण सहयोग देगे साथ ही उद्योग विभाग से भी पूरा सहयोग दिलवाने की पेशकश करते है।

JSIA, MSMEs की जरूरत के लिए Training Centre चालू करने हेतु 2nd Floor Construction किया गया है। इस Center के लिए Members का सुझाव Welcome है।

Friends our Past President Mr. Y.K. Ojha had tried his best and resolved many problems faced by Industries to some extent. And it is our endeavor to continue with genuine efforts to achieve what is unaccomplished by him. As you all are aware that recently Industries department of Goj has come out with six different policies Jharkhand Export Policy; Jharkhand Food Processing Industry Policy; Jharkhand Animal Feed Processing Industry Policy; Jharkhand Industrial Park Operationalisation procedure; Single Window Clearance Bill; & RIADA Regulation -2015 and suggestions from the stakeholders have been submitted. We hope that GoJ considers our views pragmatically and come out with industries friendly policies to promote growth of MSMEs in the state.

It is a matter of great pleasure that JSIA website has been revamped and is here in a new look & design for member’s access. We are thankful to Mr Vivek Tibrewal & Mr Adarsh Ramsisaria to have worked hard in making it a Dynamic website, where members will have the option to get access to many relevant Central & State Govt. links at one click. This will facilitate members to promote their business activities too. We ensure that all our activities & information will be updated from time to time.

Friends, problems with the industries may never end, but we have to show diligence in combating the same & find out a way in the prevailing economic crisis in competitive era. I am sure we will take the challenge to overcome difficulties.

In this era of I&T, speedy communication in need of the hour and I am sure our website will satisfy the expectations of our valued members.

Wishing you all a very successful year ahead.

With Regards,

Anjay Pacheriwala

( President)

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