Message from Secretary

SECRETARY REPORT FROM 28.03.15 TO 25.05.2015.



01.04.2015: Pollution Control Board launched complete online application by Chief Secretary, GoJ. JSIA was invited as special invitees in the function. During the course of interaction , it was  pointed out by us , that all files should be cleared in time bound manner, and any  delay in processing should be monitored. Further, we also requested that for deemed clearance a certificate should be issued, to which he immediately instructed Chairman, JSPCB to make such provision. The online application has been initiated henceforth. The meeting was attended by Mr. Sharad Poddar & Mr. Philip Mathew.

09.04.2015: A meeting was organized with Chairman, JSPCB. Amongst others, we demanded the implementation of instructions of Chief Secretary for making provision for certificate on deemed clearance. He agreed to put up the issued in the Board meeting scheduled to be held on 15th April. The meeting was attended by Mr. Sharad Kr.Poddar, Mr. Bikash Kr. Singh, Mr. Ranjit Kr. Tibrewal & Mr. Philip Mathew.


19.05.2015: Meeting with the Secretary, D.W. & S.D. Govt. of Jharkhand.

A delegation led by Sri C.K. Raipat and assisted by Mr. B.K. Tulsiyan met the Secretary and discussed the following points:-

a.       Implementation of Jharkhand Procurement Policy 2014, wherein if considered desirable items appearing on reserve list in procurement policy may be considered for direct purchase by the Deptt.
b.      Turn Key Contractors should be forced to purchase their requirements of Hand Pump, Casing Pipes, PVC Tank from Local manufacturers.
c.       Mini Rural Water Supply Scheme

Difference in BOQ of different Division and actual materials being used are not as per BOQ.

d.      Payment Problem

In cases of delay in payment, whatever the reasons may be, necessary Interest should be allowed as per terms of MSMED Act.

e.       Wrong Deduction of TDS (Income Tax) from Supply Bills.

f.       Release of Fund on S.O.S. Basis:

Supply of Special and Standard Tools Kits for use in Installation & maintenance of I.M. – II & IM-III Deep well Hand’ s Pump as per IS : 15500 (Pt-2)/2004.

Order placed on 8 Local Units in Financial Year 2012-2013.

Current Dues : 30.35 Lacs (App.)

Secretary was very co-operative and assured to resolve the points raised, at the earliest.



01.05.2015: Meeting with Labour department:  Je ‘kfDr igpku Sri Arun Kr. Khemka, Deepak Kr. Maroo, Sri Y.K. Ojha, Sri Pawan Kanoi Sri Randhir Sharma attended the meet at Hotel Radisson Blue at 11.00A.M.. Main focus of the meet was on simplification and liberalization of Labour Laws in Jharkhand. “Self Certification Scheme” was launched by Government.  The meeting was chaired by Chief Minister Mr. Raghubar Das, Chief Secretary, Mr. Rajiv Gauba, Labour Secretary, Mr. Rahul Sharma & Mr. Raj Paliwar, Hon’ble  Labour Minister of GoJ.

Three units gave their consent for Self Certification cum one time Declaration scheme.




-:: 2 ::-


15.05.2015:  Mr. Randhir Sharma attended meeting of the Examination Council at 10.30 A. M. in the office of Director Examination Council. The meeting was conducted as per the following agenda.

1- xr~ cSBd dh lEiqf”VA  2- 101 oha vf[ky Hkkjrh; O;kolkf;d ¼f’k{kq½ ijh{kk vDVwcj 2014 dk ijh{kkQy izdk’kuA 3- xkSre cq)k izkbZosV vkbZ0Vh0vkbZ0] gtkjhckx dk vf[ky Hkkjrh; O;kolkf;d ¼f’kYi½ f)rh; lsesLVj ijh{kk vxLr 2014 dk ijh{kkQy izdk’kuA 4- vf[ky Hkkjrh; O;kolkf;d ¼f’kYi½ ijh{kk tqykbZ 2014 dk ijh{kkQy izdk’kuA  5– vU;kU;&v/;{k dh vuqefr lsA




06.05. 2015: The meeting was attended by Mr. Chandrakant Raipat & Mr. R.P. Shahi on behalf of Association. The meet was chaired by Mr. Jaykant Singh of NSDC, Mr. R.P. Singh of JSMDS, Mr. Manish Ranjan, it was well attended by representatives of the industry, the academia, various departments of the government, training partners from various corners of the country and the CEOs of the national level SSCs.


After the initial introduction on the subject matter , it was emphasized that purpose of the meet, was essentially to form local bodies of the Sector Skill Council (SSC) for respective categories of trade and industry and to discuss the plan of the Training partners on Skill Development for Jharkhand, the meet was split to achieve the above purpose.


The respective local SSCs were formed under the guidance of the national level SSCs. The Training partners spelled out their plans and required support from the State. Mr. Jaykant Singh made a note on these and later during the day, handed it over to the Chief Secretary.


During second session of the meet, the Chief Secretary, Mr. Rajiv Gauba, Labour Secretary, Mr. Rahul Sharma were present.


The CEOs of the SSCs made their brief presentation on the formation and need and initial road map of the local level SSCs. The Chief Secretary keenly heard the presentations and made his observations. He expected the skill initiatives to take off in right earnest in the state under the SSCs, JSMDS and the Training Partners.



13.04.2015: A meeting of Governing Council of Mini Tool Room was organized under Chairmanship of Secretary Industries. JSIA pointed out that the requirements finalized for ASIDE has not been put up for the meeting. Secretary instructed Principal, Mini Tool Room for immediate finalization of proposal. Meeting was attended by President, Mr. Sharad Kr. Poddar.


16.05.2015: Presented before Director Industries:

Mr. Y.K. Ojha, Mr. Deepak Kr. Maroo, Mr. Anjay Pacheriwal, Mr. Arun Kr. Khemka & Mr. Ranjit Kr. Tibrewal attended the meeting. The following points were discussed with Director of Industries, Mr. K. Ravi Kumar.


  1. Policies and Acts to be notified
  • Single Window Act. – Already under process.
  • Land Policy for Industrial Area.- No Comments


  1. Effective implementation of JIP 2012.
  • Matching Notifications by Industries Department.- Details of Pending
  • Pursue other departments to issue notifications to match JIP.- To be provided by JSIA
  • Jharkhand Procurement policy to be made effective & mandatory on all Govt. purchase including turnkey project.- To give representation but not very positive.




-:: 3 ::-


  1. Private Industrial Area:
  • Formation of relevant rules.- Under active process.
  • Matching Notifications.
  • Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district to clear all applications for tribal land for industrial use within 120 days.


  1. Disposal of pending MSME Subsidy Cases.- Will examine the matter.


  1. Coal to MSME:
  • Ensure timely renewal of JSMDC as nodal agency by Mines

department for distribution of Coal to MSME without break.

  • Clearances and Documentation for allocation of coal every month is impractical and promoting inspection Raj by coal suppliers.
  • Meeting of Industries, Mines department, JSMDC & CCL should be called immediately.


  1. Other Matters:
  • Formation of Advisory Committee should be held.- Will consider
  • OTS Scheme should be reintroduced for a short span of 30 days

to facilitate recovery of pending old loans given to Small Industries.- Details of interested cases asked for.

The DI immediately took action on coal matter and directed Secretary RIADA to expedite clearance of pending applications of status report of the units.



15.05.2015: FEIO in association with Business Standard, Organized a Panel discussion at JSIA on “Risk Management” for SMEs and their role and possibility in Export” (How to start Export Business). The meeting was chaired by Dy. Director, Industries Mr. B.M.L. Das. The key speakers were Mr. H.P. Biyani, Mr. Shishir Poddar & Mr. Randhir Kr. Sharma & Mr. Avnish Kr of FIEO, Ranchi Chapter.


18.05.2015: A meeting was called by Development Commissioner, GoJ to discuss on suggestions  submitted by us on “Draft Export Policy Jharkhand-2015”, amidst presence of the Secretary Industries, Director Industries &  Mr Rahul Purwar, Chairman, JVUN Ltd and other stake holders. After detail deliberation, most of our suggestion on the Export Policy were accepted, except a few on including Minor Minerals, as potential export item. The Secretary Industries also pointed out that ASIDE funds have been withdrawn, as such state Govt. will create funds for promotion of infrastructural developments.

However, the draft on Export Policy will be soon finalized after another seating with the Secretary Industries. The meeting was attended by Sri Y.K. Ojha & H.P. Biyani.


21.05.2015: Mr. Arun Kr. Khemka & Mr. Chandrakant Raipat met the C.M., GoJ, with delegation of the Bengal Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Kolkata.

Food  Processing:


06.05.2015: The meeting was attended by Mr. Randhir Sharma on behalf of Association. Meeting of Committee for National Mission of Food Processing (NMFP), headed by Chief Secretary, GOJ. Since the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, (MOFPI), Govt. of India have stopped the Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) for National Mission of Food Processing (NMFP), all the Three Proposal brought to the committee for discussion  could not be entertained.




-:: 4 ::-


  1. Abhisak Distributors, Ranchi under Scheme 1
  2. Bhandari Feeds Pvt. Ltd., Hazaribagh under Scheme 1
  3. H.R. Foods Processing Pvt. Ltd., Ramgarh under Scheme 2


Secretary Industries, presented before the committee, the importance of Food Processing in the State and requested the State Committee headed by Chief Secretary, GOJ, to form State Sponsored Scheme like NMFP, similar to Bihar. The Committee gave its clearance to go ahead for the formation of New State Policy. The Policy will be better than NMFP and equal to that of Bihar Policy, which seems better than Central NMFP Policy.

Process of new Policy has already started and inputs are welcome by Department of Industries.

07.04.2015: A meeting was held with DI for the Food Processing Summit. JSIA conveyed to DI that if due delegation of work and importance would be given to the Association, we would work for successful completion of the summit. DI agreed to our demand. Meeting was attended by Sri Sharad Poddar & Sri N.C. Agrawal.

23/24-04-2015: Two days Global Food Processing Summit 2015 at Khel Gaon, was held, organized jointly by Department of Industries, GoJ, SERI Infrastructure Finance Ltd & Frontier Growth Advisors Pvt Ltd.  Seminars on eight food processing subjects were held for two days.  One seminar on “ Fruits & Vegetable processing” was attended by Sri Arun Kr. Khemka,  Sri N.C.Agrawal, Sri Y.K.Ojha, Sri Chandrakant Raipat, Sri Binod Kr. Agrawal, Sri Ravi Tibrewal, Sri Pawan Kanoi.

Few of our members under RIADA also put up their exhibits of food processing items & Spices, in the space provided by RIADA, free of cost. The products of these exhibitors were well appreciated by visiting Dignitaries & visitors alike.



04.05.2015: Meeting with Shri Piyush Goyal ji, MoS (I/C) of Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy,

JSIA team comprising PP Sri Mahesh Poddar, Sri V.K. Mahendru, Sri Yogendra Ojha, Sri Deepak Kr. Maroo and Sri H.P.Biyani met Sri Piyush Goel, State Minister Coal( I/C), GOI, Sri Ravindra Rai M.P, Sri Jayant Sinha MOS Finance, CMD, CCL & Chairman CIL Ltd, on 4th May’15 at BNR Hotel Ranchi. A detailed document on coal matter had been sent in advance. The meeting within short duration of 20 minutes was highly fruitful. JSIA seemed to have well communicated and the submission from JSIA have convinced the dignitaries from GOI, present, on following:


  1. State coal quota distributed thru Nodal agency JSMDC, Ranchi needs care at GOI levels as CCL is allotting adhoc Qualities of coal, which compels MSME, dependant on such qualities of  coal, to deprive them  of smooth production.


  1. Delivery at colliery fails due to various reasons from CCL side only, resulting lapse of monthly quota. Ultimately money is being refunded, albeit after three months, as DO validity is only for 45 days and non delivery of coal causes production loss to MSME.


  1. NCDP guided CIL to make FSA for 75% of Normative coal consumption but unfortunately CIL misdefined NCDP and given FSA for 75% of MPQ which in itself was a defective policy as agreed many times by Coal Ministry in Parliament. This has caused biggest damage to genuine coal consuming MSME units specially refractory units of this state.




-:: 5 :: –



  1. Fireclay found in OBC of Coal mines, including Private Coal Mines, is being wasted and CIL denies it without clearly saying that they apprehend of Coal theft in case of allowing removal of Fireclay from its Areas. Refractory industry of India is now facing acute shortage of Fireclay and it has compelled many units to start imports, though precious mineral resource is being wasted regularly. It would be safe to distribute this Fireclay from all Coal Mines including Private coal Mines thru clusters of Refractories, being promoted by MSME Ministry to help them make genuine activity and support all MSME refractory companies to get this essentially required raw material at affordable genuine prices with proper QC.



  1. The plethora of monthly documents being sought by CCL was well presented to Hon’ble Minister who appreciated and instructed, that very shortly it should be converted to online filing of documents, viz. Sales Tax, Excise, IT, etc and six monthly hard copies may be taken. However, he also instructed that incase any unit is found making gross violations in coal  diversion/consumption, it would be blacklisted for 5 years along with other family members units to be barred for coal for next five years. He also specifically mentioned that self certification of monthly documents by unit owners and C.A certificate, every six months shall be demanded by CIL which Ministry will incorporate very soon.


Other points could not be elaborated due to shortage of time. However, it was decided that Mr. Ravindra Rai M.P. who will be available after Parliament session closing on 8th May’15 will be invited to JSIA to have detailed meeting with selected members to apprise him of the issue, so that he can better convince Sri Piyushji Goel Cabinet Minister in all matters and pursue the matter at Delhi for needful actions for best possible corrections. Mr. Gopal Singh CMD CCL informed the house that CCL has created a Grievance cell / helpline where any coal consumer can lodge complaints or suggestions. He also assured that now he shall personally meet JSIA team and solve all their matters. Later to GOI Coal Ministry Officer, JSIA informed that things are very simple and easy to solve but Ministry intervention is needed to save Indian MSME. He seemed quite positive and JSIA contact details of Sri Yogendra Ojha were given to him in case he would like JSIA to come to Delhi to explain things in details.




31.03.2015: A meeting was held with Director of Taipei World Trade Centre, Liason Office in Kolkata Mr. Tu Fu Han at Chamber Bhawan. We expressed our willingness to visit Taiwan in Trade Fare. Director also assured that they will extend financial support to the delegates, the details of which he would be sending by mail later and also organize an interactive meeting within 15 days.

19.05.2015: ESIC Awareness Camp at JSIA : The Senior Officers from ESIC viz. Mr. M.K. Shaw, Regional Director (I/C), ESIC, Dr. S.K. Murmu, State Medical Commissioner, Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Director, ESIC, Dr. A.K. Sharma, Medical Superintendent, ESI Model Hospital, Mr. Nishant Kumar, Dy. Director, ESIC & Mr. Rajendra Tudu, Dy. Director, were present to apprise members on various ESI schemes. Mr A.K.Sharma informed the members about upgraded facilities in three ESI run dispensaries & Model Hospital at Namkum and urged employees to avail benefits of the same The meeting was chaired by Mr. Y.K. Ojha. This meeting was attended Mr. Deepak Kr. Maroo, Mr. Anjay Pacheriwal, Mr. Randhir Kr. Sharma,  Mr. Nishant Prakash, Mr. Arun Kr. Khemka, Mr. A.K. Mitra, Mr. Aditya Biyani, Mr. K.D. Purohit, Mr. Naresh Pareek.




-:: 6 :: –


20.5.15, 22.05.15 & 25.05.15 : Officers of E.P.F department organized three awareness camps at NIC, Tupudana, JSIA, Kokar &  Jharkhand Govt. Mini Tool Room, Tatisilwai. They informed about on- line submission of KYC forms, Adhar Cards, monthly returns & remittance of payment & various other Forms


04.04.2015: Meeting with Electricity Supply Area, Doranda attended by Sri B.K. Tulsiyan

08.04.2015: A two day workshop on Solar PV System was organized by Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals in Mecon Club, Ranchi. It gave vast exposure to the attending members on the installation details, benefits, economics and viability of Solar PV System. The programme was attended from JSIA by Mr. Sharad Kr. Poddar, Mr. S.K. Agrawal, Mr. Vimal Kr. Lakhotia, Mr. Yash Poddar, Mr. Vibhaw Saraf and others.

10.04.2015: Mr. Jaideep Malviya, Solar Energy Consultancy from Pune, also visited JSIA and gave a small presentation to our members on prospects of investment in equipments of Solar Energy and PV Panel. He offered his assistance as & when required by JSIA, albeit on charge.

15.04.2015: JSERC Advisory Committee Meeting:

Mr. B.K. Tulsyan attended the meeting on behalf of the association During meeting M.D. Vidyut Vitran Nigam presented his plan for up gradation of supply system in order to improved 24×7 power supply to whole of state.

Mr. Binod Tulsiyan expressed his concern over implementation of the Programme by pointing out that power may be available in their Grids but is practically it is not available to the Consumers. Supply position is very-very erratic due to under capacity transmission lines and unhealthy conditions of Breakers. Unless these are addressed properly consumer cannot expect 24 x 7 supplies even for Ranchi.

Hon’ble Chairman JSERC took note of his submission and instructed M.D. Vitran Nigam to take proper steps.

12.05.2015: Meeting with General Manager Area Board Vitran Nigam:

In view of various problems of members of Namkum Industrial Area a delegation led by Mr. B.K. Tulsiyan had a meeting with G.M., wherein S.E. and concerned E.E. were also present.

Meeting was very successful as the G.M. took on the spot decision on various matters e.g. for creating separate Feeder for the Namkum Industrial Area.

16.05.2015: JREDA Seminar on Energy Globle Investors meeting & Expo at Hotel BNR. It was attended by Sri Arun Kr. Khemka,


IFC Meetings:


27.04.2015: The meeting was attended by Sri H.P. Biyani the following cases were discussed in presence of new D.I., who seemed very proactive and taking firm & fast decision.

  1. In one case of M/s Shri Ram Wire opp. party said that mutually case has been settled, but when we contacted Anjay he informed that it is not settled. Next date 22nd May was fixed.


-:: 7 :: –


  1. Alcast V/s D.S.P. – We could convince the court that each individual PO should be taken in individual entity. Many SAIL units unfortunately are following old practices of damaging MSME to the last stage by recovery of LD/ Risk purchase from any of the business of same client. The new D.I. is fully convinced and last date given to DSP on 22.05.2015 else ex-party order.
  2. In one case, petition was filed in Bihar and transferred to Jharkahnd involving BSEB and JSEB. Now in this case both opp. party are appearing together. Complainant was Mr. Dalmia.
  3. A case against Electro steel Bokaro for 3.19 Crore and interest 3.01 Cr. Opp. party pleaded that MSME has only 1 Lakh as capital and doing crores business.IFC is fully convinced that once EM2 is correctly produced to IFC they have no jurisdiction to reject such case. We requested OP to consider to settle the matter amicably instead of challenging the technical points. We have also suggested OP that they have to mention outstanding dues of MSME in their Audited Balance Sheet and if it was mentioned by them in the year 12-13 & 13-14. After this OP was mild and hopefully some +ve development should come.
  4. Data Alloys V/s SAIL Bokaro – Most interesting – the MSME Entrepreneur informed IFC that he has become diabetic, heart patient, blood pressure and his unit has become sick fighting against SAIL Bokaro in many courts including High Court and SAIL has no mercy to respond or pay. Confidentially D.I. was convinced fully that Bokaro has been taking IFC very casually and it is time to Ex-party decision. the senior Lawyer of SAIL was called from the High Court and to our good luck he was very harsh with D.I. challenging that IFC can’t accept this case. D.I. also made it a prestige issue to say that next date will be Ex-party decision. This incidentally helped Dattani who had similar another case against SAIL Bokaro.
  5. Mr. Thakur Ex employee of D.I. office and now after retirement appearing as advocate on behalf of many MSME units is doing well except that if we can convince in to represent only in Hindi to make the IFC members understand properly instead of his present English presentation which is very difficult to understand.
  6. In one case JSEB said that they had made some delay and because of JSEB conditions interest is out of question although they submitted very politely. D.I. was strong enough to reply that IFC has got nothing to consider on the financial health of JSEB and either they should pay or convince the MSME directly to waive-of interest else this body has no option but to pass orders.
  7. BR Pre Tech Ind, Tupudana -They spoiled their case by talking in English and very much annoyed the D.I. assuming that their point has been well taken. A smart lady with fluent English command from the opp. side on behalf of client could get the favor for the mistake of MSME representing in English and making the whole mess.

22.05.15: The meeting was attended by Sri Y.K. Ojha, at the Chamber of Mr. Ravi Kumar, D.I.

The following cases were heard and order passed.


1.& 2  Case no. JHMSEFC-11/2013 & 12/2013, M/s Sri Ram Wire Products (P) Ltd. Ranchi. v/s Orion Steel Corpn, Gujarat & v/s Maya Wire Products, Kolkata respectively.

In first case petitioner was advised to submit statement of payment received, as second party has claimed to have made full payment to the petitioner.

In second case opposite party was never present in earlier hearings, but now has sought Bank details from DI office. Both cases were put up for final decision on 19.06.15

3.Case no. JHMSEFC-01/2014, M/s Anvil Cables P Ltd , Kolkata v/s ICSA(India)  Ltd, Hyderabad. Both parties were heard thru their Advocates. Deferred to next date on 19.06.15

4.Case no. JHMSEFC-06/2013, M/s Speedo Print, Ranchi v/s Director, JRHMS, Ranchi. Final notice to the opposite party to submit their contentions. Deffered to next date on  19.06.15




-:: 8 :: –


  1. Case no.JHSEFC-03/2013, M/s Alcast Engg. P Ltd, Bokaro v/s. MD., DSP, Durgapur. Preliminary objection was overruled, as DSP is delaying payment. Deferred to next date on 19.06.15 for final hearing.
  2. Case no. JHMSEFC-04/2013, M/s Gilloram Gauri Shanker v/s. JSEB/ BSEB . JSEB was directed to submit their defence for the last time. The first party was also directed to submit his claim separately for BSEB & JSEB on that basis final order will be passed on next date ,19.06.15
  3. Case no. JHMSEFC-03/2014, M/s Maruti Nandan, Dhanbad v/s M/s Electro Steels ltd, Bokaro.

Second part sought time . Next date 19.06.15

  1. Case no. JHNSEFC-4/2014, M/s Ramit Novel Cast P Ltd, Adityapur v/s M/s ABG Cranes P Ltd, Raigad. The opposite party has not submitted any documents in support of their defense. Final order will be delivered on 19.06.15
  2. Case no. JHSEFC-05/2014, M/s Data Alloys Ltd, Dhanbad v/s MD, SAIL, Bokaro. Since arbitration & conciliation has failed, second party was directed to submit his final stand on next date 19.06.15.
  3. Case no. JHMSEFC-06/2014, M/a L.R.Ferro Alloys P Ltd, v/s AGM, BSL, Bokaro. Since opposite party has not submitted any documents, final order will be passed on 19.06.15
  4. Case no. JHSEFC-07/2014, M/s Crystal Computer Informatics, Ranchi v/s GM cum Chief Engg, JSEB, Jamshedpur. JSEB was directed to submit Audit Report, to support their claim. Next date 19.06.15
  5. Case no. JHMSEFC-08/2014, M/s Shiva Prints P Ltd, Hatia v/s JSEB, Dhurwa, Ranchi.

Principal amount is paid, only Interest amt is  due. Next date 19.06.15.

  1. Case no. JHMSEFC-01/2015, M/s Shaligram Infrastructure P Ltd., Jamshedpur v/s Shree Sanyeeji Steel & Power, Bankura. Case is deferred to next date 19.06.15.
  2. Case no. JHMSEFC-02/2015, M/s Chotanagpur Graphite Indus., Ranchi v/s M/s Geeta Refractories P Ltd, Bangalore. Principal amount received by first party, only interest amt is due. Next date 19.06.15

15 & 16. Case no. Case no. JHMSEFC-03/2015 & 04/2015, both of M/s BR Tech Industries, Hatia, Ranchi . Both cases deferred to 19.06.15

17, 18 & 19.  Case nos. JHMSEFC-05/2015, 06/2015 & 07/2015 of M/s Reliance Fabricators P Ltd, Adityapur v/s M/s Hari Machines, Rajgangpur, & M/s Essar Projects(India) Ltd,  Kurla & Worli, Mumbai. For admission stage, all Cases were admitted. Hearing will be from 19.06.15.

20 & 21. Case nos. JHMSEFC-08/2015 & 09/2015, both of M/s Vexcel Computers P Ltd, Doranda, Ranchi v/s GM cum Chief Engg. JSEB (JUVNL), Ranchi.  Will be heard on next date 19.06.15.

  1. Case no. JHMSEFC-17/2011, M/s L.R. Ferro Alloy Ltd., Ranchi v/s BSL, SAIL, Bokaro. Case was dropped on merit basis.


Miscellaneous matters:


09.04.2015: The Committee made final recommendation for the Draft Export Policy, floated by Govt. of Jharkhand. The committee included Mr. Y.K. Ojha, Mr. Sharad Kr. Poddar, Mr. H.P. Biyani, Mr. Shishir Poddar & others.

30.04.2015: Meeting with Traffic S.P. presented a Power Point Presentation “Parivartan” in which he insisted on attitudinal changes and change in mind set of public. The presentation was very good. He suggested all to play active & role in the matter. The meeting was attended Mr. Y.K. Ojha, Mr. Deepak Kr. Maroo, Mr. Ravi Tibrewal & Mr. Sunil Kr.Jaiswal.































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